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Feb 23, 2017

Smart Snacks that Make Sense

It is unlike anything on the market. For the outdoor enthusiast, festival goer or anyone on the go, this collection expands the ingredients, choices and places to enjoy dehydrated and freeze dried food.
Aug 28, 2015

Just add hot water Vegetarian Quinoa Dish

Until now all Quinoa dishes required boiling for 10-15 minutes and were not reasonable to take along as backcountry dishes. To our knowledge we offer one of the only Quinoa dishes which can (...)
Aug 3, 2015

NEW Burrito Bowls for the backcountry

In 2015 AlpineAire launched a new line of very tasty Burrito Bowls to take backcountry food to a whole new level! (...)
Jul 28, 2015

EZ Fill Line makes preparing meals easier than ever

AlpineAire considers how to make life a little easier while preparing your backcountry meals. Each AlpineAire Pouch includes a gradient line on the front right hand side of the pouch (aka E-Z FILL LINE). (...)
Jun 30, 2015

The ONLY Freeze Dried Guacamole on the market

Be a hero in the backcountry by whipping up the ONLY freeze-dried guacamole on the market! (...)
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